This work takes as main departure point one of the most emblematic buildings in Halle, the “Roter Turm” or Red Tower. This building located in the main square of Halle’s market has a working clock and a quite peculiar carillon that was installed at the top of the tower during the 42th Halle Handel Festival on June 5th, 1999.

This carillon has 76 church bells of different sizes and became the biggest carillon in Europe and the second biggest worldwide.

This experimental radio/radio art piece is one of the 4 works realized by Sol Rezza as an homage to the paintor Lyonel Feininger, whom in 1930 created 2 oil paintings of the Red Tower, aswell as several drawings and pictures during his Halle residency. Today those works are part of the most treasured belongings of the city.

Interview by Tina Klatte and Sol Rezza to Wolfang Bueche, writer of “Die Halle-Bilder / Lyonel Feininger”