“Halle Sky” is one of four pieces in tribute to the painter Lyonel Feininger.

Lionel Feininger was during the 30’s in an artistic residency in Halle, in which he produced several works about the city. The re-interpretation of a city through the eyes of a foreigner (Lyonel lived many years in Germany but died in New York) was a strong connection during the whole residency between Sol Rezza in Halle and the story of the painter.

The feeling of verticality was my first impression of the city of Halle. The buildings finishing in points towards the blue sky, where the planes constantly leave traces, long white straight lines that cross with each other.

First I couldn’t understand the traces of this lines. Is the air traffic so heavy over Halle? The city has its own airport mainly with local flights, although in past years it opened to commercial flights.

How could Lyonel Feininger paint the sky of 1930 as it is today? Filled with straight lines crossing with each other.

The works of Lyonel Feininger remain faithfull representations despite the passage of time. For me, understanding that was fundamental to approach the city of Halle and its complexities.

Interview by Tina Klatte and Sol Rezza with Wolfang Bueche, writer of the book “Die Halle-Bilder / Lyonel Feininger”.