“Daniel and Julia” is one of four pieces in tribute to the painter Lyonel Feininger.

Lionel Feininger was during the 30’s in an artistic residency in Halle, in which he produced several works about the city. The re-interpretation of a city through the eyes of a foreigner (Lyonel lived many years in Germany but died in New York) was a strong connection during the whole residency between Sol Rezza in Halle and the story of the painter.

Julia Berg was the second wife of the painter, whom he knew while traveling on a train; Feininger split with his first wife and married her. Julia was also a great artist and her point of view greatly influenced Feininger’s works.

Daniel is my life companion since more than ten years ago. The connection between his form of listening and his views of the world and my sound works is special and necessary to me. We also met during a travel and so history repeats itself.

How influential is the point of view of the person you share your life with?

Interview by Tina Klatte and Sol Rezza with Wolfang Bueche, writer of the book “Die Halle-Bilder / Lyonel Feininger”.